one of my daytime managers at walmart just called me telling me I don’t have to come into work tonight!! fuck yes!! two days off in a row thank the heavens I’m so happy

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also I have over 1,000$ in my checking account right now

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just got off work, decided to buy three new boxes of tea i’ve never tried!! acai dragonfruit melon is first on the list fuck yeah

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yep I’m regretting those chili cheese dogs right about now

damn, that was a good night. now I have mini-wheats to top it all off.

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bought a new weight bench when I bought my new bike this morning. gonna be pumpin’ dat IRON. I just need to find a space for it in my room now…

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first thing’s first, I’m da realest

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well shit, someone stole my bike.

also I’m a stupid idiot and I didn’t write down all my friend’s tumblrs before I deleted so if by chance you look me up and I’m not following you/you’re not following me just follow me again please (if you want, if not this is your lucky chance to get rid of me) MUAH

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