name’s Lamarr. I’m a 22 year old boy that loves boy butts and japanese robots

i’m making a pizza and i’m gonna eat the whole fucking thing

hey guys what should I name this cutie galvantula I just trained??


*goes to church and forgets to take my butt plug out*

of course it starts raining as I’m EV training with horde battles

I’ve been asked to put my amazon wishlist up so it’s RIGHT HERE if you’d ever like to check out my sexy taste in underwear / godzilla figurines / general nerdy shit (psst someone buy me a collar)

do you ever just wanna get bent over and get pounded relentlessly 

Just wonder traded two level 100 feebas away. I wish I could see the amazement / rage on the poor souls faces that receive them.

somehow I accumulated 607 balm mushrooms from restaurant Le Wow and I’m finally selling them after all this time. THEY’RE WORTH 3,793,750 POKEDOLLARS i’m officially a sugar daddy

I just ran into a shiny wingull whilst EV training. hahahaHAHAhhahhahHAhahha it’s so ugly but I caught it anyway (I swear if it would’ve messed up my ev spread I would’ve just ran tbh)

I’m breeding my last pokemon for my STEEL monotype team. I’ve always wanted to be a gym leader. I’d have a flexing contest with all of my challengers.