name’s Lamarr. I’m a 22 year old boy that loves boy butts and japanese robots
Champion John vs. Challenger Lamarr


Champion John vs. Challenger Lamarr


After about a month of sitting on my throne atop the league, a bold and worthy challenger by the name of Lamarr arrived at my chamber to challenge me for my title.  He bested my gym leaders, he bested my Elite Four, and here he was to try to best me.  His badges glimmering, his team worn with battle scars, I knew this would be a challenge.  I’m embarrassed to admit that I made too many mistakes, and too many mis-predictions.  Ultimately this match came down to a battle of the minds, like a game of chess.  It came close, but Lamarr managed to stay one step ahead of me.

I’m humbled and honored to have served as The Battle League Champion for the time that it lasted, but now I would like everybody to congratulate Lamarr, our new champion, long may he reign. 

Now, I’m off to the Hall of Fame, with Champion Skudde before me, and someday I’ll meet Lamarr again there.

If there’s one thing I have to say to Lamarr’s challengers, it’s this:
Be wary.

i’m a sucker for bara/shota manga. makes my heart flutter.

In the spirit of Halloween, what type of monster could you see me as?
whaaat - you never liked it? :o

I just never had the means to play lol I’m a handheld gamer

i’ve never had any interest in super smash bros until this demo right here. blue link is my main man rn (well not like I have a choice I can only play 5 characters)

*wants 2 sit on a boner*

ugh I have a hard time with fairies with my league team unfortunately. there’s no real fix for it unfortunately sigh in other news I wanna make a team around mega scizor because he’s sexy af

do you ever see a person you used to be friends with and you’re like “glad i got the fuck outta that one”

when I was little I wanted to grow up to be a street shark

I literally can not find my other green shoe. How am I suppose to jog half naked in the streets without my other green shoe????

when i get ruby ima whoop u

bring it on u little buttslut

does any1 wanna pokemon battle me

my dream is to one day be able to take dick as well as johnny rapid

Uhhhh, that sounds awesome and I’d like one, but I question the legitimacy of the ditto?

It’s legit, it’s the one that’s been circling around the internet. It passes all legality checkers. Edit: Legit meaning it’s totally legal. No gamebreaking stats or anything. It was probably made in pokegen or something.

I just want to be muscular and walk around naked all the time.