name’s Lamarr. I’m a 22 year old boy that loves boy butts and japanese robots
Heavy Metal and Reflective

Azealia Banks | Heavy Metal and Reflective

Kyogre Stage
[RSE] Dive

DivePokemon Ruby & Sapphire 

Break Free

Ariana Grande Feat. Zedd | Break Free

Lover's Spit

Broken Social Scene | Lover’s Spit

Break The Ice

Britney Spears | Break The Ice

Esta Noche

Esta Noche | Azealia Banks

Hidden Place

Bjork | Hidden Place


Baroness // Aleph

Standing On the Sun

Beyoncé | Standing On The Sun


Lady Gaga | Fashion


Smashing Pumpkins1979

Break Free

break free | ariana grande feat. zedd

Go to Rakuen

Yoko Kanno — Go to Rakuen []